I’m sure you’ve been anxious to check out my new digs.  First, let me tell you a bit about my neighborhood, the East Village or more specifically, Alphabet City.  It’s called Alphabet City because there are four streets here called Avenue A, B, C and D.  I live between Ave A and B.  I first became aware of this neighborhood within a neighborhood when I heard the music from the musical Rent, which is set in Alphabet City in the 1980’s.  During that time, it was a rather bohemian location, much like what I imagine the West Village was like in the 1950’s and 60’s.  Since then, it has been gentrified so it’s much more accessible to J. Crew types like me.  I’ve seen many strollers already.  But there are still TONS of cool restaurants and bars around. 

So here’s a shot of my flat when you first walk in the door.  The door behind the refrigerator is a closet.  The door across from that is half of the bathroom (a toilet and sink).  I’m planning to change the layout a bit once I get some furniture from New Jersey this weekend; I’m going to put the table back by the refrigerator and put a twin mattress in its place so I have a place to chillax when August is sleeping in the bedroom.

This is a shot from the windows (see the previous photo) back towards the main door.  The open door on the left is the other half of the bathroom (bathtub and another sink) and the closed door is the small bedroom that August and I are sharing.

Many NYC apartments have interior windows to let in as much natural light from the adjacent rooms as possible.  August’s pack and play is right in front of that window so I put a sheet in front of it so the light from the main room wouldn’t disturb him.  On our first night, he woke up from sleeping, pulled down the sheet and started tapping on the window to get my attention.  I’ve since replaced the sheet with cardboard, which I’ve taped to the OTHER side so he can’t take it off.  🙂

This place is nothing fancy, but it’s going to be just fine for a couple months.  I’m excited already!!  But I’m also exhausted…more adventures to come!