August has spent some quality time with his New Jersey grandparents for the past couple days, allowing me to catch up on sleep (I’ve been sick), have some adult time and plan out some things to do with my little man in the big city.  In Cambridge, we spent a lot of time outside: strolling, picnicking and playgrounding.  That’s not going to work here.  Last Friday the high was 20!  So I’ve been researching things to do in NYC with a toddler, some of which are indoors.  Here’s my running list:

Bronx Zoo

NY Aquarium

Children’s Museum of the Arts 

My dear friend, Kate (who checked out my East Village flat, paid the deposit, and FILLED my refrigerator) bought us a membership to CMA so we can start going ASAP!  This lady is amazing!

Central Park (specifically the Central Park Carousel and the Alice in Wonderland statue)

Children’s Museum of Manhattan

City Treehouse

The Secret Glass Garden

Toddler Story Time at Ottendorfer Library

This is just the beginning.  This city is so unbelievably huge.  This blog will be a great starting point for me.  And I’m sure there are tons more “mom in the city” blogs that I haven’t discovered yet too.  So many blogs, so little time…