I have had several productive days.  Mostly due to the fact that my little man spent quality time with his grandparents in New Jersey for a couple days.  Look at everything I accomplished:

– clean, shiny bathroom that no longer reminds me that I’m subletting from a single late 30’s man–check!

– New pair of jeans that actually fit me–check!

– hip boots that I’ve been pining for since last year on major SECRET clearance (“that’ll be $9.98.”)–check!

– perfect, cheap red lipstick–check!

– lunch at super yummy downtown restaurant–check!

– professional bra fitting at a swanky NYC boutique–check!

– self-image boost thanks to my surprising true bra size–check!

– sharing my favorite snack with my favorite 20 month old–check!

– happy, healthy boy–check!