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To appreciate my forthcoming anecdote, I’m throwing you a little Broadway.  Because, really, all of life’s conundrums have been addressed on the stage.

Why are you telling me?  NO!  I can’t stand it!

These philosophies are all well and good, but mine suits nearly every possible situation.

For example, today, while standing in line to get a bagel at Murray’s (it wasn’t nearly as busy as the Saturday morning we went, Aunt Debbie and Aunt Carla), a young uptown mom and Anna Wintour lookalike (in both appearance and ATTITUDE) was helping her toddler son pick up some bagel chips he knocked over.  I stepped in front of them to read the menu, and the mom jumped up and RUDELY insisted, “I was IN line.”  I apologized, and said I was checking out the menu while she’d been squatting on the floor in her high heels and designer handbag.  She ROLLED her eyes at me, and I let her and her son regain their precious spot in line.  When the line hadn’t moved after a minute or so, she turned to me and said “Would you like to see the menu now?”  Zillions of retorts flashed through my mind in a split second, but I settled on this, which I’ve decided will be my go-to comeback:

I’m all set.

Was it polite?  Or tinged with contempt?  It’s so subtle, you can’t really tell.  And that’s why I like it.

Two months in, and I’m already a jaded New Yorker.


NYC has several indoor playgrounds for kids to play at when the weather is cold or rainy.  Unfortunately, you have to PAY to go to them.  I know, I know.  Well, my generous mother-in-law got us a membership to City Treehouse.  August LOVES it there!

There’s a giant water table with all sorts of cool features to explore.

On the other side of the room is a playspace that looks like a treehouse.  August has a little routine.  First, he crawls up the stairs as fast as he can…

…then he pokes his little head out of the porthole and laughs hysterically…

…he finds the slide and hysterically laughs again…

…finally, he goes down the slide.  Repeat.  A million times.

Thanks, City Treehouse!  You’ve saved us from succumbing to the delirium of cabin fever!!

I’m rather obsessed with this sophisticated duvet set from DwellStudio:

However, I’d rather keep $280 in my bank account, thank you very much.

But I could possibly part with 27 bones for this similar bedding from, gulp, Walmart:

How hard could it be to add a solid border?  Not THAT hard methinks.

These are my favorite heels.  I make sure I wear them at least a couple times a month (I should’ve added that to my list!).

Inspired by this image from an Etsy seller (Do you know Etsy?  If you don’t, you are soon to be addicted!):

I bought some flower hair clips at H&M for $4 (similar to these at Forever 21):

And now my fav heels are even more perfect:

A few weeks ago, I promised August that we’d go to the aquarium on the next rainy day.  So Monday morning, we took the subway out to Coney Island to the NY Aquarium.  I was more than underwhelmed, but August seemed to enjoy it.  Well, he mostly loved running around the exhibits in the dark rooms.  That counts as success in my book.

August grabs the pole on the subway.  You know–so his stroller doesn’t slide down the aisle.  Safety first.

When my aunts visited, we popped into my all-time favorite shop, Anthropologie.  I love everything about this place: the vintagey, feminine clothes, the intoxicating smell of the store and even their window displays.  Their visual merchandise designer is a genius in my opinion because their window displays are super creative and often use everyday objects in unusual ways.  I’ve collected a few images from past window displays:

The dangling items are books whose pages have been folded to create interesting silhouettes.

The simple paper chain.  But what an impact!

Old Christmas ornaments.

Tinsel.  I love the vacuum.

More ornaments.

These are plastic Ziploc bags filled with a bit of dirt and bulbs.  Apparently, they planted the bulbs and let them bloom in the store window.

The white things cascading from the ceiling are plastic cups and coffee filters.

Dog balloon animals!

I couldn’t find a good picture of their current display (maybe I’ll go take one myself!), but here’s a close-up.  Plastic water bottles that have been cut and painted to look like flowers.

And there are so many more.  How do they come up with this stuff?!!

Two of my aunts are visiting from the Pacific Northwest.  On the last day of their visit, my Aunt Carla said, “You know the only thing that would make this trip complete would be a celebrity sighting.”  And then this guy walked by us as we sat outside Central Park feeding August some lunch.

This is me on my 30th birthday with my dear friends, Sarah and Kate.

I *really* wish I had created a list of 30 things to do before turning 30 like this from Making it Lovely or this from Oh Happy Day! (two of my fav blogs by the way).  I’m not going to give myself too hard a time about it because I did some pretty major things the year I turned thirty such as moving abroad, living on a grad student budget for three people, traveling around Europe and raising a happy, healthy baby.  Regardless, I love setting goals and making lists, so my list will be titled “35 Things in 2010.”

My friends have mostly all turned thirty, and we’ve talked extensively about how THIS is OUR decade.  We’re going to be the movers and shakers, and as thirtysomethings, we finally have enough cred to make it happen.  Just you wait…

Anyway, without further ado, here are my 35 things in 2010:

1. Change my look. Done!

2. Do manicures (at home) once a month.  That means polish, too!

3. Go on or at least plan (more likely this year…let’s be real) a big trip.  Possibilities: Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Buenos Aires, Istanbul/Turkish Coast (this one has been at the top of my travel list since I was 20).

4. Get a job to pay for big trip.  I miss working.

5. Visit all five boroughs of New York City with a local.

6. Make five new good friends.

7. Get that Blurb book about teaching made already!

8. Do another portrait session with August.

9. Throw four parties.  Bonus if costumes are involved.

10. Chat up strangers more.

11. Sell or donate all the extra or unused stuff in my life.

12. Listen to NPR on my computer while I’m getting things done at home during August’s naps.

13. Take an artsy class: photography, bookbinding, screenprinting, flower arranging, calligraphy.

14. Volunteer.

15. Do something entrepreneurial. Bonus if it makes me extra cash.

16. Host regular (monthly?) movie nights.  Bonus if they are outside.

17. Wear a dress or skirt at least once a week.  Even if the highs for the week never go above freezing.

18. Visit MOMA.

19. Road trip.  I’m thinking Montreal to visit this little lady and her new brother, Alexandre!

20. Put together photo albums.

21. Make a budget, and stick to it.

22. Get loans and computer sorted.

23. Visit the best, I mean, West coast.

24. Get into at least ten new (to me) indie bands.

25. Organize my notebook system.

26. Get magazine subscriptions instead of paying for them individually.

27. Have tea every afternoon when it’s cold outside.  With sugar and milk like a good Brit.

28. Make zuccoto from scratch.

29. See American Idiot on Broadway.

30. Get Photoshop back on my computer, and learn how to use it (take a class?).

31. Find my signature scent.  Never reveal it to anyone.

32. Perfect my Scottish and Irish accents.  I’ve got the British accent down pat.

33. Make a short film.

34. See an opera.  Get super dressed up.  Something vintage.

35. Make an air band video.  I mean, I just LOVE this:

Since I’m a girl on a budget, I’ve found some FREE magazines to peruse.  The only hitch is that they are only available online so you don’t get that tactile experience of flipping through glossy pages and dogearring fav pages.  I can deal.  I highly recommend you “subscribe” (remember: they’re FREE) to these mags ASAP:

Small – Kid/family magazine.

LMNOP – Kid/family magazine.

Lonny – Home magazine.  From some folks that used to work for now-out-of-print Domino.

Nonpareils – Wedding mag.  I find that wedding mags have the best ideas for parties.