Like her sister, Liz is redoing her room, or rather, she’s doing it for the first time.  Right now, it’s a blank white rental box:

But soon it will look like this inspiration room:

Liz is a beach lover and a talented amateur photographer, so she has tons of scenic beachscapes that she can enlarge like this shot she took recently:

This past weekend, we picked up a blue blanket and satiny throw pillow for her bed at TJMaxx.  She’s temporarily pulled the duvet cover off her standard white comforter while she waits for my white duvet to arrive from the UK.  Everything else in this copycat design is super easy too: paint the walls a sandy color, get some lamps, find curtains and add some storage (she does live in NYC after all–storage is the name of the game).  I’ll post pics when we’re done.