Just sitting here getting ideas for Liz’s room redo, er, new-do.  Here are some of my current thoughts.

A lamp like this for both sides of her bed:

But this shape is something I’ve seen a lot at Home Goods for about half that price.  So I’ll be checking there.  And Ikea, Walmart (gulp), Kmart, Target and Craigslist.

Opposite her bed is a dresser with a TV.  We’re going to put a narrow bookcase on either side of it.  Something like this from Kmart:

I think I’ll style it up with some ribbon edging or lining the inside with pretty paper.

The curtains are posing a problem.  We’re looking for a navy print that is 96 inches with a curtain rod pocket.  Maybe we’ll whip some up ourselves following this super easy DIY curtain tutorial from design*sponge.  If we can find some cheap-o versions of some of these blue Calico Corner fabrics, we’d be golden.

As for nightstands, I’d love to find some matching vintage ones from Craigslist, Savers or the Salvation Army.  I’ve heard that finding matching ones in thrift shops is nortoriously hard.  So we may have to bite the consumerist bullet and head to Ikea for some simple Swedish design like this:

Or this slightly cheaper one:

Since it is cheaper, I’d add some adorable knobs from Anthropology like these:

Since I don’t have a place of my own, I’ll take pleasure in nesting vicariously through Liz.