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This past weekend, August and I took the train from NYC to DC to visit my dear friend, Tricia, and her wonderful husband, Jacob, and their adorable, brilliant and POLITE daughter, Abby.  The Wesslers.  They’re each amazing in totally different ways.  We had a great weekend, and can’t wait for our next visit!!

When he’s not treating his pediatric cancer patients (oh yeah–they’re BOTH doctors!), Jacob is an amateur photographer.  But he’s so good, he could quit his day job and really go pro.  Just sayin’.  I inquired about having him take some photos of August, and he graciously accepted.  These are just some of my favs:

If you’re in the DC area and looking for a great photographer, lemme know and I’ll give you Jacob’s contact info!


I’m heading down to NC today after an AMAZING weekend with the wonderful Wesslers in Silver Spring, Maryland (more on that and them later this week).  While I’m down south, I’m planning on hitting every thrift store for things for my new flat.  One thing on my list is a globe for August’s room.  I used to look for globes for my classroom, but I discovered that the ones that have been donated to thrift shops are often horribly outdated (showing the USSR, East and West Germany, and don’t even get me started on Africa).  Since I use globes for educational purposes and not just pretty displays, I can’t get a mislabeled globe.  So.  I’m going to fix it with some chalkboard paint.  Either doing something like this:

Or, more likely, this:

Today, August and I explored the Hamilton Fish Park, which is one block away from our new home.  There are two large pools open in the summer, but August was happy as could be collecting sticks…

…and running up and down the stairs and ramps…

I’m looking forward to the outdoor film series starting in a few weeks.  Who wants to join?

Sorry for being MIA.  Trying to get settled.  Take a look at my living room so far.

I think I’ve decided NOT to paint.  The ceilings are wicked high, and I think the white opens it up.  Of course, there needs to be loads of pictures on the walls.  It’s a-comin’…don’t worry.

But there’s lots of other stuff to figure out.  For instance, I’m thinking of getting rid of (storing or selling?) the large square bookcase. I don’t really need the storage, it’s taking up valuable living room space and August thinks it’s his personal jungle gym.

My favorite thing by far is the vintage credenza on which my TV is perched.  I knew that I wanted a long, low dresser as my TV headquarters.  After missing the perfect one for FREE on Craigslist, I thought I’d have to fork over $400, which seemed to be the going rate on Craigslist.  But since my budget for furnishing this new place is about $400 TOTAL, I knew I’d have to stalk Craigslist or look beyond NYC.  So when we went up to Providence to retrieve our essentials, I stopped by my fav thrift shops.  And that’s where I found it.  For $50.  Sold.  It was a beast to lift, even with all the drawers removed.  Solid piece–guess they just don’t make ’em like they used to.  I LOVE it.  I just need to replace the handles.

Otherwise, all I need is a rug, coffee table and some pillows.  These are my thoughts in those departments:


I’m either going with a bold, ethnic rug like these kilims:

Each rug is $95 from Rugland

Or something more neutral:

$80 from Overstock

$67 from Overstock


$40 from Target.  Two of ’em.  Storage and extra seating.

On sale from Target for $112.  I don’t think it’s quite right for my place, so maybe one of you should go for it.  Because it’s really pretty (I’ve tried to convince Liz to splurge on the matching nightstands for her bedroom new-do…I’ll do another round of badgering this weekend!)

The spendiest option is $250 from CB2, which means it’s impossible.  But I like that it’s clear and rounded–practically invisible and toddler friendly!


I’m thinking orangey-coral and teal.  SO not my usz.  But I kinda love it.  The idea of it at least.  All of these options are from Crate and Barrel, CB2 or Target, and they are all less than $40.  But I’m thinking I can score some cheaper versions at Homegoods or just find some fabric and make ’em myself!

Plus this one from eBay and this one from Urban Outfitters and this floor cushion (two of ’em)–I couldn’t figure out how to save the pictures off eBay and UO websites.

So.  Once I make some decisions, I’ll be sure to show the results.  Until then, more settling…

Well, I’m staying in NYC!!!  I’ve found a flat in a building in the hip Lower East Side that has an elevator, dishwasher, laundry in the basement and other sorts of comfortable amenities.  See for yourself:

Living room:

Kitchen, which is opposite the window wall in the living room so it’s all one big open, happy place:

(Yes, that IS Eric.  Back for another visit.  Filling out the application.)


Bedroom, which we’re dividing into two rooms with a wall (VERY popular option in NYC.  This place was listed as a “one bedroom convertible two”):

And here’s a video tour to put together all the pieces:

(Coming soon…)

A nearby, cute street:

So after we signed the lease and paid a small fortune of first/last month’s rent plus deposit, we drove Eric’s dad’s station wagon up to our old house (sigh) in Providence, where ALL of our stuff is stored in the basement.  Here’s what our stack of goods looks like (can you spy Eric rooting around for things?):

We found a PERFECT sofa option in the “As Is” section (my favorite part of the whole store) at Ikea in New Haven on our drive up to Providence.  Only $350 for a L-shaped sofa that converts to a bed!  We *begged* the clerk to hold it for us for less than 24 hours, when we’d be driving back through New Haven with a U-Haul, but they refused.  So we just hoped that no one would buy it in the meantime.  Alas, someone did.  So I still need a sofa, but otherwise, my place is all set.  Just need to unpack it all!


Elias and Grace has their new collection of spring outfits for little girls, and again, I would walk out the door in any of ’em.

Their little boy outfits are also adorable.