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Sincere apologies for the lack of posts of late.  But I have some REALLY convincing reasons.

First.  My son (you know–the TWO year old?) started climbing out of his crib last week.  I’d put him down, and I wouldn’t even be out of the room before he’d climbed over the rail and was chasing me out of the room while giggling hysterically.  Thought he was so clever.  So I’d put him back in.  He’d climb out, chase and giggle.  Repeat.  About a hundred times.  Eventually, he’d get out of his crib and just play in the room.  Fine with me.  But he’d eventually crash in MY bed.  I took this photo on the first night that he actually crashed in HIS big boy bed (sorry it’s so dark, but I didn’t dare use the flash).  Hallelujah!

But.  This transition to the big boy bed has been more tumultuous lately.  I have no idea why.  He hates going to bed now.  AND.  He’s waking up early.  Like 5:30.  I don’t like this.  I thought it was bad when he would sometimes wake up slightly before 7:00.  But 5:30 (and what about that 5:15 yesterday, August?!?!)?  He’s killing me…

…because I’m a working girl now.  That’s right.  I got a job!  A real job!  In MY field!  Teaching 4th, 5th and 6th grade combination class at a Montessori school.  AMEN!!!  The one and only drawback to this job: it’s in Brooklyn.  Nothing against Brooklyn.  But Brooklyn is big, and this school is far from my home (even though the Lower East Side is about as close as one can get to Brooklyn from Manhattan).  The commute is one hour door to door.  First, a ten minute walk to the B line, then a 40 minute subway ride (it goes over the Manhattan Bridge, and then after a couple underground stops, goes above ground for the rest of the way), then another 10 minute walk to my school.  Otherwise, though, the job is perfect.  A small, multicultural school with great staff.  For the past two weeks, I’ve been subbing for the assistant teacher for the class that I will have next year, so I’m getting to know the students pretty well.  They’re great!  They remind me a lot of my students in Massachusetts.  Who knew Brooklyn would be so similar to Somerset?!

But wait.  I haven’t told you the best part.  Because even though I hoped that I would find a job, that wasn’t my greatest worry.  I was really scared that I would find a job but not a place to send August during the day.  The daycare scene in NYC is intimidating to say the least (Nursery University, anyone?).  How I would find an affordable, quality daycare that had an OPEN SPOT was beyond me.  But.  My school (you know–the one I work at now?) has a 2-3 year old class.  And August can go.  FOR FREE!!!!

How cute is my two year old (!!!!) with a backpack?!  His teachers love him, and he’s adjusted so well!  He didn’t lose it on the first day or any day since.  On the first day, when it was naptime, the teacher just said, “August, it’s time to go to sleep,” and he walked over to his little mat and fell asleep.  Rock star!!!  I was so proud of him!  Sniff, sniff.

So August and I have been commuting back and forth to Brooklyn everyday for the past week or so.  I’m not gonna lie–the commute can be rough with a toddler.  But we’ll figure it out.  This school is going to be a FANTASTIC experience for BOTH of us.  I’ve had the chance to observe the 3-6 year old class, and it’s so unbelievably awesome (and I have some HIGH standards)–I can’t wait for August to join it!  In the meantime, I’m plain beat.  Good night…I hope my son doesn’t wake me up tomorrow morning at 5:30.


I highly recommend inviting a former a cappella director/current NYC Master Chorale member to your next birthday party.  Thanks for the lovely harmony, Beth!

My son is TWO!  Can you believe it?  One year ago, we were celebrating his one year of existence, and two years ago we were first introduced to August Miles.  Whoa.

We had a small celebration in the courtyard of my new building with a small group of family and friends.  Since red is August’s favorite color (He told me.  I know.), I used some of the same balloons he had at his first birthday party.  I covered the table with black and white stripe fabric from Ikea since the downtown, hipster types love a black and white striped outfit (I’m going to turn the fabric into some pillows for my living room soon!).  Then I threw in a little chartreuse in there with the drinking straws, Granny Smith apples holding the balloons down (apples…you know…to go with the Big Apple theme) and lemonade, ’cause you know I love that red/chartreuse color combo.

It wasn’t long before August discovered the pretzels.  Rather, the salt ON the pretzels.  I made two dips to accompany this classic NYC snack: mustard pretzel dip and beer cheese pretzel dip.

Red velvet cupcakes that my mom made the night before–thanks, Mom!!!

August LOVED the sparkling lemonade.

August wasn’t a happy camper in this photo.  The Koskinens were doing all sorts of silly moves to make him happy.  Their tactics were more successful for my mom and dad apparently.  😉

My gorgeous sisters-in-law.

Beth, my bridesmaid, lives in NYC.  This was her first visit to my new place, so I’m pointing out where my flat is from the courtyard.  I really like this shot (thanks for capturing it, Poptart!).

Presents!  August actually helped unwrap gifts this year.

He LOVED the play kitchen from Nana and Grandpa.  L-O-V-E-D it.

He also loved the cupcakes.  Correction: he loved the icing on the cupcakes.

Aunt Liz gave him a photography lesson.

We practiced saying, “I’m two!” all week.  He did it a lot for me when we were alone.  Only a couple times for an audience.  “August, how old are you?”

I am so in love with this.  Head over heels.

I JUST remembered my Smile List!  So I just added it as a new category on THIS blog. What have I been thinking?

We introduced August to the William and Mary tradition of dipping bread ends into House Dressing from the Cheese Shop.  He didn’t love it.  We didn’t mind–more for us!  Yummm…

August explored the Wren Building.

We drove up to Harrisonburg for Uncle Mark’s graduation from James Madison University.  Congrats to him!  It was a beautiful day, but August was more interested in running around the soccer field with an umbrella than sitting through the ceremony. Can’t say I blame him.  😉

After the ceremony, Uncle Mark took us on a tour of campus.  Towards the end, we decided to take a snooze on the quad.  The boys in the shade…

…the girls soaked up the sun (and got the sunburns to prove it–oops!).

Uncle Mark told us that one of the JMU senior traditions is streaking the quad (sounds familiar…).  August decided to give it a whirl.

On the way back to NYC, our caravan decided to stop at the Hotel Hershey in Hershey, Pennsylvania, home of Hershey chocolates.  It was the midpoint of our journey, and we had a lovely impromptu Mother’s Day lunch!  The place was PACKED with folks gussied up for fancy brunches and buffets scattered throughout the hotel (some were FANCY!!!), so August spent a small fortune on tossing pennies into a fountain while we waited for our table.

Great, quick trip to Virginia.  And you know what they say:


If you’re reading this, you’re invited!!

I took this photo of August on East 6th between Avenues B and C after spotting this awesome graffiti wall while out one (rare) night.  Then I sent it to my mom to Photoshop the party details in a graffiti font.  Cute!

Today at the Duane Reade on Delancey, I spotted Cortney Novogratz from Bravo’s new reality show 9 by Design, which is about Cortney, her husband, their seven (!!!) kids and the design business they run in Manhattan.  I mostly recognized her at first, but then I knew it was her when I saw the ghetto gold necklace I’ve seen her wear on the one episode of her show I’ve caught.

I bought eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner.  She bought cookies.

She and her husband are also the authors of this pretty rad book, Downtown Chic.

I’m getting good at this celebrity spotting hobby, no?

We had a great time visiting Grandma and Grandpa in North Carolina.

Playing with MY play kitchen from 1985!  He loved talking on the phone and storing things in the oven.

Having a tantrum.  Here we come terrible two-hood!

August loves taking photos.  This one will be added to his portfolio:

I spent most of my visit staying on top of this guy.  He figured out: how to open doors, how to unlock doors, how to crawl under the stair railing to get around the baby gate and how to unbuckle his carseat.  Whew.

“Boompah Boud” (= Grandpa loud in August language).

August and I found Carolina blue hued cupcakes at Cafe Carolina in Chapel Hill.  Tasty!

The weather was a-mazing in Pittsboro, so we set up the sprinkler.

Good times down south!

Five years ago, I was doing this:

Today, I find myself in the same town as my wedding, but not necessarily the same place.  It is an odd phenomenon.

I guess I’d like to thank all of you for your support, guidance and wisdom over the past five years, but most especially over the past five months.  This recent period has been both the worst and best experience of my life.  So thanks…Truly.

This past weekend, my parents watched Augusto while I had an amazing day of shopping, pedicure, food and friends.  Whilst browsing the racks at the mall (only at shops where I have giftcards), I found MANY adorable things.  To help narrow down my choices, I found myself asking, “What would Zooey buy?”

It’s official.  I’m obsessed with Zooey Deschanel.  I love her.  I love her bangs (she inspired me after all!), her quirkiness, her style, her fair complexion (so nice that a young actress isn’t compromising her looks to conform to Hollywood standards like some people), her band, everything!!!  She’s on my list of celebrity friends.  You know…because I have so many celebrities desperate to be my friend.