My fun high school friend, Emily, (who am I kidding?  We’ve been good friends since fourth grade!!!) lives in Durham with her husband, Mark, in the cutest little house EVER.

Tin roof?  Screened porch?  A-dorable.  There’s an awesome, huge patio with a a new grill to the right of the house.

That’s where they keep their baby chicks.

That’s right.  Chickens.  They have over 30 chickens!  And a fruit orchard.  And vegetable garden.  And BEES!  They went to bee school and everything.  Mark has a dream of having his own stall at the Durham farmers’ market someday.  He’s well on his way in my opinion.  Maybe he’ll be featured in a New York Times article like this one (Emily and Mark know some of the people interviewed in this piece personally.  The cupcake lady?  She’s their neighbor.).  These guys are SUPER funny, and I love going to new Durham restaurants with them when I visit Carolina.