We had a great time visiting Grandma and Grandpa in North Carolina.

Playing with MY play kitchen from 1985!  He loved talking on the phone and storing things in the oven.

Having a tantrum.  Here we come terrible two-hood!

August loves taking photos.  This one will be added to his portfolio:

I spent most of my visit staying on top of this guy.  He figured out: how to open doors, how to unlock doors, how to crawl under the stair railing to get around the baby gate and how to unbuckle his carseat.  Whew.

“Boompah Boud” (= Grandpa loud in August language).

August and I found Carolina blue hued cupcakes at Cafe Carolina in Chapel Hill.  Tasty!

The weather was a-mazing in Pittsboro, so we set up the sprinkler.

Good times down south!