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Since August loves his new play kitchen so much, I thought I’d kit it out with some felt foods!

Look at these ADORABLE options from Etsy:

Veggies from Catalina’s Designs

Fruit from Becky M

Various types of pasta from Pachom

Sushi from One n Only 88

So cute!!!  If I was going to continue my stay at home mom routine, I’d try MAKING them.  Next maternity leave. 😉


I find myself in a constant state of self-reflection.  Which can be a good and bad thing.  I’m hoping to focus on the good kind of reflection as much as I can for as long as I can.  So.  I thought I’d see how I’ve been doing on my 35 things in 2010 list I created at the beginning of March.  Nearly four months later, here’s my progress report (I added updates on works in progress in italics):

1. Change my look. Still lovin’ my fringe.

2. Do manicures (at home) once a month.  That means polish, too!  I’m 6/6 months so far!

3. Go on or at least plan (more likely this year…let’s be real) a big trip.  Possibilities: Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Buenos Aires, Istanbul/Turkish Coast (this one has been at the top of my travel list since I was 20).  Since my budget will be MUCH different than I thought it would be at this point (sniff), I’m rethinking my destination and travel partner(s).  I’ve got a few ideas.

4. Get a job to pay for big trip.  I miss working.

5. Visit all five boroughs of New York City with a local.

6. Make five new good friends.

7. Get that Blurb book about teaching made already!

8. Do another portrait session with August. Thanks, Jacob!!!!  I LOVE your photos!

9. Throw four parties.  Bonus if costumes are involved.  One party down: August’s birthday.

10. Chat up strangers more.

11. Sell or donate all the extra or unused stuff in my life. Boy did I accomplish this in Cambridge two weeks ago.  My donations possibly weighed a ton.  Seriously.

12. Listen to NPR on my computer while I’m getting things done at home during August’s naps.  Um, I’ve been listening to my fav radio stations, WKNC and Viva Radio.

13. Take an artsy class: photography, bookbinding, screenprinting, flower arranging, calligraphy.  Liz and I are planning on doing this at the 14th Street Y.  I’d also love to do one of the classes at Make.  Letterpressed business cards…maybe saying they’re calling cards would be more my (and Zooey’s style).

14. Volunteer.

15. Do something entrepreneurial. Bonus if it makes me extra cash.

16. Host regular (monthly?) movie nights.  Bonus if they are outside.

17. Wear a dress or skirt at least once a week.  Even if the highs for the week never go above freezing.  I’m totally succeeding at this.

18. Visit MOMA.

19. Road trip.  I’m thinking Montreal to visit this little lady and her new brother, Alexandre!  August and I did a road trip to Providence over Memorial Day Weekend.  But it doesn’t count.  Not nearly ambitious enough.

20. Put together photo albums.  I’ve done an album for each year of August’s life.  I think I’ll do one for my marriage.  And I’ll get an empty one for the future.

21. Make a budget, and stick to it.  This one is going to be a bit tricky now.

22. Get loans and computer sorted.  This one is going to be a bit tricky now.

23. Visit the best, I mean, West coast.  I really, really want to do this.  This summer?

24. Get into at least ten new (to me) indie bands.  Working on it.  NC bands Megafaun and Birds and Arrows top my list right now.

25. Organize my notebook system.

26. Get magazine subscriptions instead of paying for them individually.

27. Have tea every afternoon when it’s cold outside.  With sugar and milk like a good Brit.

28. Make zuccoto from scratch.

29. See American Idiot on Broadway.

30. Get Photoshop back on my computer, and learn how to use it (take a class?).  I discovered Pages on my Mac.  I’ve been watching tutorial videos on

31. Find my signature scent.  Never reveal it to anyone.

32. Perfect my Scottish and Irish accents.  I’ve got the British accent down pat.

33. Make a short film.

34. See an opera.  Get super dressed up.  Something vintage. This one.  Totally.  Or this one.

35. Make an air band video.  Still trying to figure out what song to do.  Suggestions?

{That’s me doing a handstand in Cornwall, England a couple weeks ago.  #36: I’d like to have more joyful photos in my portfolio.}

I’ve been very busy with my Montessori training this past week (two more to go this summer).  Looooooong days.  But it’s interesting work.  I’m definitely a bit nervous about adapting to these methods.  I think August is going to love it though!

{Note: italicized words are Montessori jargon}

I took two videos of the Pink Tower lesson for the youngest students in the Children’s House (what Montessorians call the 3-6 year old classroom).

As you watch, note the following Montessori trademarks:

– very quiet, deliberate presentation
– minimal speaking from the teacher; Montessorians conserve speech to the most basic, necessary words
– the emphasis on touching the materials; experiencing them sensorially
– the placement of the materials on a matMaterials are treated sacredly, so they never touch the ground.  The mat also defines the student’s work space.

Pretty interesting.

Dear friends and family,

I have a huge favor to ask.  I need to do some training for my new job, but that also means I need someone to watch August nearly full-time for three weeks, June 21st to July 9th.  This favor involves you living at my place and basically being me from the time he wakes up until he goes to bed (my training is from 8am to 5pm and it’s about an hour north of the city).  Huge favor, I know.  Last minute, I know. Sigh…

Things I can offer you:

– a cute kid who says “please” and “thank you” (most of the time)
– my flat
– my bed (I’ll sleep on the couch)
– air conditioning
– the Big Apple

Here’s further bribery:

I’m feeling rather sheepish about this request.  That I even need to be asking the favor in the first place.  I’m so sorry.

If you think you might be able to help out, maybe even only partially, let me know.  You can call, email or leave a comment and I’ll contact you.



Posts will be light over the next week as I’m in the UK somewhat unexpectedly.  Don’t worry, everything’s fine!  🙂  And no, August did not come.  Thank you to my in-laws and dear friend, Beth, who are doing a little tag team babysitting for me while I’m gone.

While running errands with August today in the Village, I noticed two men sitting backwards in a convertible with some pretty hefty video cameras.  I did a quick scan in the direction their cameras pointed and spied this guy on a Vespa, orange Crocs and all:

I want to go to his restaurant, Babbo, in the West Village.