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Not the most efficient swimmer…yet!


Today, I discovered some OLD photos.  I looked through thousands of images that date all the way back to high school (that’s a long time, considering that these photos were all DIGITAL!), and they brought back so many memories.  I also noticed a few patterns.  For instance, I look like a sourpuss in far too many photos.  Technically, a sourpuss makes this face:

Yuck.  There’s no life in my eyes and no joy on my face.  I’m actively working on changing this bad habit.  See #36 on my 35 Things in 2010.

I have been wearing large hoop earrings FOREVER.  This photo is probably the oldest digital photo I have…from junior or senior year of high school:

And this photo is from yesterday:

That’s a ten year habit I haven’t let go of–whew!  But you know what?  I think I’ll be rocking the hoops for another ten years!

I’m sure I’ll be sharing a few more gems from this photo cache…stay tuned!

This is the face August makes when it’s been pouring rain for two days, and we haven’t had any outdoor adventures:

But spending time indoors also means we get lots of snuggling time:


Can’t wait to do this in the Big Apple.  Maybe on a date?  🙂

The image above is so rad.  What an experience!

Training is almost over.  Two more days.  Then I can find a place to live in Brooklyn.  Wish us luck!  I want a 2 bedroom with a bathtub, loads of charm (pre-war?), easy access to subways (hopefully the B or Q, but I’ll take the F too), in or within walking distance to a hip neighborhood, hardwood floors and some sort of “luxury” feature like a dishwasher, microwave or elevator.

Awesome map of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods from Ork (I’m teaching somewhere in Sheepshead Bay and I hope to live in Park Slope, Windsor Terrace or Kensington–can you spot ’em?).

Season 4 of Mad Men premieres on July 25th at 10:00!

And there’s a little mini marathon this Monday, July 5th of five episodes from Season 1.

I *always* say that August’s laugh is my favorite sound in the whole world.  I’ll never forget the first time I heard it at Aunt Annie’s house two summers ago, and it’s just gotten more and more infectious.

He recently introduced his fake laugh.  It’s nearly as amazing as the real thing as you can see in this video with Aunts Poptart and Liz a couple weeks ago in NJ: