Today, I discovered some OLD photos.  I looked through thousands of images that date all the way back to high school (that’s a long time, considering that these photos were all DIGITAL!), and they brought back so many memories.  I also noticed a few patterns.  For instance, I look like a sourpuss in far too many photos.  Technically, a sourpuss makes this face:

Yuck.  There’s no life in my eyes and no joy on my face.  I’m actively working on changing this bad habit.  See #36 on my 35 Things in 2010.

I have been wearing large hoop earrings FOREVER.  This photo is probably the oldest digital photo I have…from junior or senior year of high school:

And this photo is from yesterday:

That’s a ten year habit I haven’t let go of–whew!  But you know what?  I think I’ll be rocking the hoops for another ten years!

I’m sure I’ll be sharing a few more gems from this photo cache…stay tuned!