Over the past four weeks, I’ve been visiting with some old friends, first Julie and then Jerilyn.

I’ve known Julie since the sixth grade, and we’ve been good friends ever since.  She invited August and me to visit her beautiful family in New Hampshire at the end of July.  So off we went for our road trip.  We had a great time, and our kids loved hanging out.

We crammed three car seats in the back of Julie’s car during our visit.  August alternatively flirted with the beautiful Madeleine and checked on baby Chase.

While Julie and I were preparing dinner one night, it was eerily quiet in the living room.  When I poked my head in, I found Maddie reading Finding Nemo to August.  A-dorable. (Sorry the photo is so dark.)

Julie took us to Dartmouth College, and Maddie and August ran around the big green on campus.  I love how August runs up to her, stops and stares at her, watches her run away and then chases after her.

After returning from that bucolic setting, we spent a week back in the city before we went to Cape Cod, which just involved lots of boat and beach time.

Finally, my best friend from high school and maid of honor, Jerilyn, came to the Big Apple for her birthday.  We had a great time!!

But now it’s back to reality: job prep, housing prep, LIFE prep.  More on all of those things soon.  Just wanted to explain the recent spell of light postings.  I guess August is my slow month.