In the past two weeks, I have packed up my NYC flat, visited the Bronx to get a UHaul, moved to Providence and started a job.  Whew.

This is basically what I did ALL last week: set up my 3rd grade classroom.  It was BLAZIN’ hot in my unair-conditioned room.  And I loved EVERY minute of it.

August, a dear friend and I went apple, peach and plum picking on Labor Day.  Delicious!

And my friend ,Matt, sent me some photos that he took over Memorial Day weekend when August and I came to visit him, his beautiful wife Sarah and one month old baby Jude.  So tiny!!

I have no idea why my lips are so red in this photo.

While Sarah and I soaked up all of Jude’s baby-ness, Matt played with August outside, where my little rascal delightfully discovered the hose.

Before he got soaked outside, this is the face August made when he saw me holding baby Jude.

Jealous?  Perplexed?  A little of both methinks.  Too funny!

And that’s all I have for this random, excuse-riddled post.  So until I figure out this whole single WORKING mom thing, hold tight.  I’ll get there!