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Last week, I had dinner with the Schwartz family.  These people are amazing.  For realz… During dinner, Janine told me that President Obama would be at a fundraiser at the house two doors down from her place this week.  I told her that August and I would DEF come back that night, to try and catch a glimpse of the President. We spent most of our time hanging out outside watching the fancy pants guests arrive and the Secret Service agents walking around looking important (and cute!).  August was his usual monkey self and climbed around the Schwartz’s front porch…

…or went up and down the steep hill in the neighbor’s front yard.  The brick building in the background is where Obama was set to arrive.

It’s getting dark earlier and earlier here in New England.  But it was unseasonably warm, so it was the PERFECT night to stalk the President…

…or hide in the bushes.

We had to be wanded by a metal detector since we were hanging out.  I asked if August could be wanded just for kicks.  He didn’t dig it so much.

He just wanted to stare at the helicopter that circled the block for half and hour.

Finally, we saw signs that he was coming.

After his limo pulled into the driveway, Harry, Janine, Emet, August, the two neighbors and I RAN into the neighbor’s house (did you hear someone say “Come on guys!” at the end of the first video?) and out onto their back porch so we could see this:

[Sorry it’s so dark.  But the VOICE is undeniable!]

HOLY CROW!!!! After that thrill, we went back to Janine’s to eat dinner and gloat to friends and family.  A little while later, the neighbor called to say that Obama was leaving soon.  We dashed out the door, and waited a short while to see him leave the fundraiser.  I totally chickened out on asking the President to congratulate my little school for earning the highest scores on Massachusetts’s standardized test in the STATE!!!  Dammit.

What a night!!!  Gobama!!!


So I’ve given hints in the past about August’s Halloween costume.  Here’s your hint this year:

Yes.  Those are peanuts.

Today, my dear friends Sarah, Matt and Baby Jude invited us to join them at a Pumpkin Patch.  So we drove to the Island on this beautifully crisp fall day.  August and Jude ruled the back seat.

It was a beautiful day.  One thing that I’m noticing about being a single mom is that I no longer have someone around that is obligated to take photos of August and me.  Luckily, Matt is not only super nice, but also a FANTASTIC photographer (how’s THAT reassuring endorsement, Matt?).  He’s taken some of my fav photos of August in the past two and a half years.

August enjoyed rearranging the pumpkins on display.

And running gleefully in a wide open space.

And lookin’ super fly.

And devouring a melting ice cream cone that we were supposed to share (and how RAD are those boots I’m sporting?  They’re collateral for my fav book that I’ve loaned to a great friend who just moved to San Francisco.  I think I got the sweeter deal.)

Just a little taste of fall in New England.  Rhode Island has some REALLY beautiful parts!

This weekend, I am moving back into my beloved house in Providence.  I have mixed feelings about it, but mostly, I’m looking forward to getting settled and building positive, productive routines for August and me.  I’ll be making lots of changes to the house to make it more my own, and I look forward to sharing them with you here.  But, as I’m sure you’re already aware, my posting frequency will be much different than when I was a stay-at-home-with-no-old-friends-and-living-in-a-foreign-country mom.  Things have been atypical for the past month since I’ve been staying with friends and adjusting to being a single working mom.  I’m definitely figuring it out, so just be patient.

One blog that I AM updating on the reg is my class website.  You can keep tabs on my third graders and me there if you’re desperate!

But since there are no pics of August there, here’s a dose of my two year old.