Today, my dear friends Sarah, Matt and Baby Jude invited us to join them at a Pumpkin Patch.  So we drove to the Island on this beautifully crisp fall day.  August and Jude ruled the back seat.

It was a beautiful day.  One thing that I’m noticing about being a single mom is that I no longer have someone around that is obligated to take photos of August and me.  Luckily, Matt is not only super nice, but also a FANTASTIC photographer (how’s THAT reassuring endorsement, Matt?).  He’s taken some of my fav photos of August in the past two and a half years.

August enjoyed rearranging the pumpkins on display.

And running gleefully in a wide open space.

And lookin’ super fly.

And devouring a melting ice cream cone that we were supposed to share (and how RAD are those boots I’m sporting?  They’re collateral for my fav book that I’ve loaned to a great friend who just moved to San Francisco.  I think I got the sweeter deal.)

Just a little taste of fall in New England.  Rhode Island has some REALLY beautiful parts!