When we moved back into our house 4 weekends ago, I decided to make our old guest room August’s room.  I chose this room for him mostly because the OTHER downstairs bedroom has a closet.  And we all know who needs the closet the most: MOI!

I was lucky enough to borrow a twin size bed from the ever-generous Schwartz family (I know, they hook me up with Obama AND beds?  I’m a lucky girl!).  I threw an enormous bookcase that I salvaged the day I moved out of my NYC apartment (someone was throwing it away!) in his room knowing that it was way too big and that I’d be moving it somewhere once I settled in more.  The walls were “Clam Chowder” from Behr, which I think is one of the most unfortunate paint names ever.  I liked the color, but since I’m trying to make a fresh start here in Providence, I knew I’d be painting.

I decided on two colors: cream and dark, dark grey.  But not just dark, dark grey–it’d actually be…chalkboard paint!!  I was inspired by this nursery image that I saved long ago:

So on my first weekend sans August, I got busy painting:

After a long weekend of taping and rolling (I also painted my new bedroom and a small hallway), it was done and just about the raddest room August will ever have!  I put up a little gallery wall with photos and mementos (my old Muppet Show record album and a vintage postcard of Jesus College where August spent the first year and a half of his life.).  He already loves the chalkboard paint.  I hear him in his room drawing on the walls after I’ve put him to bed.  He’s a night owl–like mother, like son.  And no, Dad, he hasn’t drawn on any other walls in my house…yet.

All I had to buy was a gallon of cream colored paint, a little thing of chalkboard paint and a few frames from Dollar Tree.  Maybe $40?  Everything else was borrowed, salvaged or gift card purchases.

I’m SO glad August has his own room again!  And I think he’s going to LOVE it!