Set up Christmas tree.  You know, my rad, vintage silver tinsel tree I got for our first Christmas in the UK.  You can be damn sure that when I had to pack up my Cambridge life into four measly boxes, this Christmas tree made the cut!

Here’s the play-by-play of Christmas tree set up:

“OK, August, your job will be to take the tinsel branch wrapped in paper for protection and…

…take the silver branch out of the protective paper…

…and put the silver branch here on the floor…

…good job, August!”

“Oooooh, Mama!!  A STICK!!!!

I can bang it on things!!”

“Whoa.  Cool your jets, buddy.  Can you help me set up the tree now?  Hand me the silver branches, and we’ll stick them in the holes in the pole.”

“Wait a minute, Mama.  If we put them IN the pole, then we can take them OUT!!!

More STICKS!!!!

I like banging sparkly sticks on the front door!”