I’m totally pleased with the progress I made on my first major resolution list.  Here’s the punch list for 2011.  I think I’ll get at least 22 of them done for sure.  🙂

1. Set up a college savings account for August.  Pass along suggestions…

2. Start an a cappella group.  I’ve got four (unknowing) peeps on my list.  And about a dozen songs we’ll sing at our first gig.  😉

3. Plan meals every week.  I was REALLY good at this in Cam.  You know–when I was a stay at home mom in a foreign country with no real support system.  I miss our (August and me) daily trips to the street market and Sainsbury (“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.  This is a colleague announcement…”).  However, since returning to work, I’ve fallen off the gourmet wagon, but my tastebuds can’t wait to get back into it!

4. Experiment with make-up and hair more.  When my hair is longer this summer, I plan on perfecting this Heidi look:

And rocking some fuschia lipstick.  Probably not at the same time.

5. Wear jeans less.

6. Photo session with August.  This will ALWAYS be on my list.

6. Fall in love.

7. Get a peaceful divorce.

House punch list:

8. Make slipcover for my $30 Savers couch.

9. Repaint living room this lovely Benjamin Moore shade (matched to a cheaper, no-VOC brand), Mocha Cream:

10. Build patio next to my deck.  Fire pit must be included.  Also globe lights.

11. BASEMENT: clean, organize (get rid of all boxes and store things in plastic containers) and make it a cute, USABLE space (paint the floor and make laundry area lovely).

12. Repaint dining room?

13. Use fabric as wallpaper using liquid starch in my entryway and hallway outside my bedroom.

14. Get living room sorted: rug, storage that is toddler safe, curtains.

15. Paint porch ceiling a lovely robin’s egg blue, and repaint my front door.

16. Finally install that last tall pantry cabinet.

17. Dream resolution (but HIGHLY unlikely): refinish floors downstairs.

Plus all the items I didn’t finish in 2010:

18. Go on or at least plan (more likely this year…let’s be real) a big trip.  Possibilities: Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Buenos Aires, Istanbul/Turkish Coast (this one has been at the top of my travel list since I was 20).  I’m doing a tour of California in April to go to a friend’s wedding in San Francisco, staying with Alanna and then going south to LA to visit Andrew and Amy.  CAN’T WAIT!!!

19. Visit all five boroughs of New York City with a local.  Well, I got to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island.  Next year: the Bronx!

20. Get that Blurb book about teaching made already!

21. Throw four parties.  Bonus if costumes are involved.  One party down: August’s birthday.  Does having friends bar crawl with me on my 31st birthday count.  Indeed!  And I know what my next two parties WILL be.  Just you wait!  And don’t worry: you’ll be invited!

22. Take an artsy class: photography, bookbinding, screenprinting, flower arranging, calligraphy.  I REALLY REALLY want to do this in the new year.  Have to find a way to make it work.

23. Do something entrepreneurial. Bonus if it makes me extra cash.

24. Host regular (monthly?) movie nights.  Bonus if they are outside.  WILL DO ASAP. I’ve already decided the first three films to show.

25. Visit MOMA.  Dammit.  Soon.

26. Put together photo albums: pre-college, college, post-college, marriage, now.

27. Make a budget, and stick to it.

28. Get loans and computer sorted.

29. Make zuccoto from scratch.

30. See American Idiot on Broadway.

31. Get Photoshop back on my computer, and learn how to use it (take a class?).  I discovered Pages on my Mac.  I’ve been watching tutorial videos on apple.com.

32. Find my signature scent.  Never reveal it to anyone.

33. Perfect my Scottish and Irish accents.  I’ve got the British accent down pat.

34. See an opera.  Get super dressed up.  Something vintage. This one.  Totally.  Or this one.

35. Make an air band video.