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Last weekend, my valentine and I made cards for his class.  I stripped my kid of his clothes, broke out my washable paints, and had a roll of paper towels ready.  August took his painting very seriously.  Check out his fervent concentration while wielding a paintbrush:


For the valentines for his class, I limited his palette to red, pink and purple.  After it dried, I cut out about 8 hearts, glued them to red and pink paper and had August “sign” them.  I totally forgot to take photos of the finished product.  Fail.

After doing one valentine-theme artwork, he demanded that the rest of the colors be made available.  So he got busy creating another masterpiece.

Here’s what the two pieces looked like as they were drying on my radiator:

I LOVE doing little art projects with August.  Can’t wait for more–I have SO many ideas!


FINALLY got a new camera.  We’ll be back in full force….if this %$@&*! snow ever goes away!

Today, August and I collected melting icicles (it was the warmest it’s bee since before Christmas: 39 degrees!).  He liked sucking on them.

This is his “I’m chomping on an icicle” face.

My unbelievably helpful, generous, firefighter neighbor bought August a kid size snow shovel, and he enjoyed shoveling an area that totally didn’t need to be shoveled…

But he took it very seriously so I let him do his thing.  😉

I’m really hoping the storm heading our way this week doesn’t bury us again.  Three snow days to make up in June might just kill me–that’s when I actually LIKE living in Providence.  🙂