As soon as I landed in LA halfway through my spring break, my brother and his wife, Amy, whisked me away to Malibu for some ocean, culture and wine.  We stopped at some beach in Malibu, went to Moonshadows for lunch (which, Amy says, is where Mel Gibson got trashed the night he infamously made all those anti-Semitic comments), went to the Getty Villa and then went to several Malibu wineries.  Not a bad way to spend a Wednesday afternoon.

There were a couple of these super creepy statues in the gardens at the Getty Villa.  Those eyes!

Several flights of wines were enjoyed throughout the rest of the afternoon.

Andrew took me to Intelligentsia, a coffee shop in Sunset Junction, for breakfast on my first morning.  Iced magnolia blossom tea and a raspberry cornmeal scone-delicious and so LA.

He took me around the corner to a cottage that he and Amy had right before they moved to San Francisco.  So cute!

I really like this photo of us–stripes!

I have a thing for taking pictures of feet.  This one is a classic.

Andrew took me to the Griffith Observatory for the view.  See the Hollywood sign?  I have NO idea what is in the extreme foreground of this picture.

This was the day I got my sunglasses and flip flop tans.  Totally worth it.