Final collection of photos from my spring break in California.

I love these tall skinny palm trees that are everywhere in LA.  This palm grove was around Echo Lake.

Andrew took me downtown, not far from where he celebrated his marriage, to Grand Central Market.  It’s a collection of grocery-type vendors (see Andrew in the foreground?  He’s pointing at a hog’s head at a butcher) and small, ethnic food vendors, including a Pupuseria (explanation below).

Latino spices.  Mostly chiles.

I don’t *think* the guy in the background meant to be caught in our photo.

Andrew had heard about a good pupuseria, so we checked it out.  A pupusa is sort of a sandwich from El Salvador.  The “bread” is a fresh, thick, chewy tortilla and it’s filled any variety of yummy things.  We got a cheese one.  Our pupusa=YUMMM.  Very much like an arepa.

We stopped in the Bradbury Building.  It just happened to be across the street from the Grand Central Market.  Parts of Bladerunner and the end of 500 Days of Summer were filmed there.

We hitched a 25¢ ride on the Angel’s Flight to a park, where other parts of 500 Days of Summer were filmed.

Another feet photo.

Sitting on the 500 Days of Summer park bench.  Sigh.  Adios California.  Same time, same place next spring break?