This weekend, we celebrated August’s THIRD birthday.  No real theme; just bright colors!

August’s godmother brought baby Jude over.  Jude seems to be fond of me, so I get to know what it feels like to snuggle a little baby (August never wanted to cuddle when he was little.  He does now though.).

August just likes bossing Jude around.  I LOVE this picture.

We opened presents from family friends.  First reading the cards…

Then watching August open presents by saying “Open it.”  Once unwrapped, he said “Oh my goodness!” every single time.  So cute!

Then we sang “Happy Birthday” and blew out candles on what seems to be a very simple cake, but…

Look at the INSIDE!!!  A RAINBOW CAKE!  I saw it online, and sent the link to my mom.  It was one of her little projects while she was in town for August’s birthday.  Didn’t it turn out amazing?!

Surrounded by loot.  I love August’s pose in this pic!

Sarah is one of my best friends, and she’s also August’s godmother.  She and her husband have been my rocks during this adjustment year.  I love them dearly, but not as much as I love baby Jude!!

Family photo.

My little family.

See y’all next year when August turns FOUR!