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When I moved out of my beloved bungalow (but I have a major crush my new apartment!), I knew I’d have to do some things to make it irresistible to future renters/buyers.  I repainted the upstairs hallway and closets (they were in bad shape) and the kitchen wainscoting (also in less-than-ideal shape).  But those projects were boring and pretty straightforward.  The BEST project I tackled was repainting my front door.  Now some people might think this was unnecessary.  But I just couldn’t stop myself after seeing this inspiration image, which I found in a Martha Stewart lookbook at Home Depot.

Navy house with a yellow door?  Yes, please!  So after removing the storm door (don’t worry–it’s in the basement and can be reattached after someone falls for the curb appeal of my little house), sanding and priming my blah blue door, the front of my house went from this (with storm door, so you can’t even see the door’s blue blahness):

To this knockout:

I LOVE it.  We should’ve painted the front door YEARS ago.  There will be more updates for curb appeal: painting the porch and steps (oh–the door was the same color as the porch–blah!) and adding some potted plants.  It’s going to be love-at-first-sight for someone, I hope!


Since I’m moving tomorrow (!!!) and who knows when I’ll be back in cyberland, I’m posting a cute video of August to keep you satiated until I post again.

My friend, Brenda, has a son who’s just six months younger than August, and he has a rad roller coaster in his backyard.  JEALOUS!