Over two months ago, I moved into a lovely apartment with August.  Y’all know I loved my bungalow, but the maintenance and mortgage were just too much for me.  So late last spring, I signed the lease on a two bedroom, historic charmer on Provy’s hip west side.  My ceilings are ten feet high, I have a gorgeous bay window, a huge walk-in closet, large kitchen and free laundry.  All for under $1000/month.  SWEET.

One of the reasons it’s taken me so long to post (besides workin’ and mommin’) is because I had to furnish my new pad.  See, I had a lot of random things in my bungalow because I had borrowed and stole (shhh…) furnishings from friends and family.  It was finally time to get some more permanent fixtures.  But I’m a girl on a budget with more than a mild obsession with thrift stores.  And thrifting takes time, but after two months, my pad is more or less furnished.  Today, I’ll share my living room.



This bookcase, specifically the baskets, have saved our lives.  Each basket has a theme: cars, trains, Leggos and miscellaneous (that counts as a theme, right?).  Only one basket out at a time, and we clean up to the Austin Powers theme at the end of every day.  Teaching organization and responsibility while not being surrounded by toys.  Sounds good to me.  Like my painting above my criminally small TV?   I whipped that up one day during nap time.  Not too shabby for thirty minutes of color-mixing.


The lighting in this photo is crazy bad (I need some photography lessons), but you can generally get the feel for the whole room and my gorgeous windows!  They are south-facing, so we get lovely sunshine all day.  The door on the left goes out to our main entrance.  Our car is parked out back so we only use that door when we walk to our nearby park and playground.

Quick note about the two navy club chairs in the photo above.  You can see them a little more clearly here.



Well, they used to be pink.  I don’t mind pink, but the shade was not quite right for me.  So I decided to make them navy.  Reupholstered?  Are you kidding?!  $$$$!  Slipcovered?  My sewing skills are nowhere near adequate for the job.  So I spray painted them with FABRIC spray paint.  Here they are mid-project.  They turned out awesome!  Way better than the electric peach they were before.


I also updated the $9 thrift store coffee table.  It was a honey color when I got it (after borrowing my friend’s larger car while she was at work because it wouldn’t fit in my Volvo), but I thought it would look pretty sexy if it was dark.  And I just happened to have a can of dark stain in my old basement.  So dark it went.  And yes, my projects took over parts of our communal driveway for many, many days.  Luckily, the other tenants in my building ride cycles everywhere.  Hipsters.

Here’s the general cost breakdown:

  • sofa-thrift store, $30
  • pillows-my old ones and ones I stole from my parents’ house, free
  • white lamp (lamp shade will be painted soon)-thrift store, $8
  • bookcase next to sofa-Target, $12
  • bookcase and baskets under TV-Ikea, gift
  • coffee table-thrift store, $9
  • table under lamp (going to be painted soon)- thrift store, $14
  • rug-Overstock, birthday present
  • curtains-thrift store, $3
  • Mossimo throw-Target, $35
  • TOTAL= $101
I love a good deal.  Next, it’ll be the room I finished within the first week of moving in: August’s room!