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August’s preschool celebrated Valentine’s Day last week with a party and valentine exchange.  He made a valentine tote out of a cereal box at school (adorable).  Being the cheap/project-inclined mama that I am, I decided to have August make crayons for his class instead of buying candy that no 3 year old really needs.  So a trip to Dollar Tree yielded a 48 crayon box for $1 and Target had a heart shape ice/muffin tray in its dollar bins.  Total cost=$2 for 30 valentines.  I did the first step: cutting up crayons.

But August then loaded up the hearts with the crayon bits.  I tried having a discussion about color theory beforehand….I don’t know how much he absorbed.

We put them in the oven for about fifteen minutes at 275 degrees (I think), and they came out looking a little strange.  I was worried at this point.

But after letting them cool and harden, we popped them out of the tray, and saw how pretty they were in all their marbelized glory.  So cute, and so fun!

I forgot (AGAIN) to take pictures of the final product, but basically, I had August sign his name once (C-U-T-E) and photocopied it at school, then attached the crayons to paper, put them in little bags that I already had and tied them with heart ribbon that I’d gotten at Tiger in Copenhagen, a Dollar Tree equivalent, a couple years ago.  Another successful Valentine’s Day!


One of my 2011 resolutions was to start experimenting with my hair more.  So I started rocking some ‘do’s to keep my hair out of my face.  I love them all equally.  I am NO master of hair, so if I can do these, so can you!

A series of little buns.

Heidi braids.

The Gibson tuck.  Inspired by the AMAZING Downton Abbey.

When all else fails, wear a hat.  Preferably one that matches your son’s.  🙂