August woke up on Easter to a maze of string ALL OVER our apartment.  This is his reaction first thing in the morning:


We put on proper clothes, and explored the string maze.  I love his response, “Uh!  It’s ‘ttached up to this!”  The maze ended at his Easter basket.  He was kinda underwhelmed by the finale.  Ha.



After a big breakfast, we put on our Easter duds and went to Aunt Sarah’s house for an Easter egg hunt.  Aunt Sarah, Uncle Matt, and Jude weren’t there; they were just loaning us their yard.  I, of course, outfitted us in thrift store finds.  $3 blue corduroy blazer for Gus–adorable!  Especially with his yellow “spenders”.







Notice the stick up his sleeve?  My kid still loves sticks.  And trains.  I don’t see these obsessions coming to an end any time soon.  🙂