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August and I indulged last weekend and made hot cocoa with the works: whipped cream and cinnamon.  So we pulled out all of the supplies.  August loves being my helper in the kitchen.

He poured the hot cocoa mix in the cups.

I did the hot water and whipped cream.  I put some whipped cream in his mouth, and he promptly spit it out.  Weirdo.  That stuff is the BEST.

He sprinkled the cinnamon on the whipped cream.

So excited to finally have hot cocoa!

Too hot to drink so we blew and blew.



This weekend, we celebrated August’s THIRD birthday.  No real theme; just bright colors!

August’s godmother brought baby Jude over.  Jude seems to be fond of me, so I get to know what it feels like to snuggle a little baby (August never wanted to cuddle when he was little.  He does now though.).

August just likes bossing Jude around.  I LOVE this picture.

We opened presents from family friends.  First reading the cards…

Then watching August open presents by saying “Open it.”  Once unwrapped, he said “Oh my goodness!” every single time.  So cute!

Then we sang “Happy Birthday” and blew out candles on what seems to be a very simple cake, but…

Look at the INSIDE!!!  A RAINBOW CAKE!  I saw it online, and sent the link to my mom.  It was one of her little projects while she was in town for August’s birthday.  Didn’t it turn out amazing?!

Surrounded by loot.  I love August’s pose in this pic!

Sarah is one of my best friends, and she’s also August’s godmother.  She and her husband have been my rocks during this adjustment year.  I love them dearly, but not as much as I love baby Jude!!

Family photo.

My little family.

See y’all next year when August turns FOUR!

Final collection of photos from my spring break in California.

I love these tall skinny palm trees that are everywhere in LA.  This palm grove was around Echo Lake.

Andrew took me downtown, not far from where he celebrated his marriage, to Grand Central Market.  It’s a collection of grocery-type vendors (see Andrew in the foreground?  He’s pointing at a hog’s head at a butcher) and small, ethnic food vendors, including a Pupuseria (explanation below).

Latino spices.  Mostly chiles.

I don’t *think* the guy in the background meant to be caught in our photo.

Andrew had heard about a good pupuseria, so we checked it out.  A pupusa is sort of a sandwich from El Salvador.  The “bread” is a fresh, thick, chewy tortilla and it’s filled any variety of yummy things.  We got a cheese one.  Our pupusa=YUMMM.  Very much like an arepa.

We stopped in the Bradbury Building.  It just happened to be across the street from the Grand Central Market.  Parts of Bladerunner and the end of 500 Days of Summer were filmed there.

We hitched a 25¢ ride on the Angel’s Flight to a park, where other parts of 500 Days of Summer were filmed.

Another feet photo.

Sitting on the 500 Days of Summer park bench.  Sigh.  Adios California.  Same time, same place next spring break?

Over my Spring Break, I went to sunny California (August spent the week with his dad).  First stop: San Francisco.  I stayed with the lovely, Alanna, and her boyfriend in the SoMa neighborhood.  It was so great to see her even though it was only a couple days.  She is one of my best good friends.

We met up with some of Alanna’s friends for dinner at Delfina’s and took the MUNI (subway).  The stop was “Van Ness.”  You can barely see that I’m pointing to the Van Ness sign and not just making a ridiculous face.

While Alanna was at work one day, I spent a couple hours at the Ferry Building.  I want to be buried there when I die.

Not only is it gorgeous, but it has so many lovely food boutiques.  Miette. Cowgirl Creamery.  Heath Ceramics.  Acme.  I basically got one thing from each food vendor…

…and found a table on the Embarcadero by the water.  It was really charming.  Sigh…

Since I wasn’t able to enjoy Thanksgiving last year, I was very thankful to spend Thanksgiving with family down south.  Lots of great food from Mom, fun stories with Aunt Carla and Dad and snuggles from August.  It was a whirlwind trip, but oh so lovely.

Mama and boy enjoying juice.  One=alcohol.  🙂

I *love* this photo.  Aunt Carla’s face and August’s responding expression=priceless!

I brought a hat that August made at school to add to the festivities.  He refused to wear it at first, but he warmed up to it eventually.

My little boy was sick the whole time we were there…

…but it made him EXTRA snuggly.  Sigh.


Since August loves his new play kitchen so much, I thought I’d kit it out with some felt foods!

Look at these ADORABLE options from Etsy:

Veggies from Catalina’s Designs

Fruit from Becky M

Various types of pasta from Pachom

Sushi from One n Only 88

So cute!!!  If I was going to continue my stay at home mom routine, I’d try MAKING them.  Next maternity leave. 😉

My son is TWO!  Can you believe it?  One year ago, we were celebrating his one year of existence, and two years ago we were first introduced to August Miles.  Whoa.

We had a small celebration in the courtyard of my new building with a small group of family and friends.  Since red is August’s favorite color (He told me.  I know.), I used some of the same balloons he had at his first birthday party.  I covered the table with black and white stripe fabric from Ikea since the downtown, hipster types love a black and white striped outfit (I’m going to turn the fabric into some pillows for my living room soon!).  Then I threw in a little chartreuse in there with the drinking straws, Granny Smith apples holding the balloons down (apples…you know…to go with the Big Apple theme) and lemonade, ’cause you know I love that red/chartreuse color combo.

It wasn’t long before August discovered the pretzels.  Rather, the salt ON the pretzels.  I made two dips to accompany this classic NYC snack: mustard pretzel dip and beer cheese pretzel dip.

Red velvet cupcakes that my mom made the night before–thanks, Mom!!!

August LOVED the sparkling lemonade.

August wasn’t a happy camper in this photo.  The Koskinens were doing all sorts of silly moves to make him happy.  Their tactics were more successful for my mom and dad apparently.  😉

My gorgeous sisters-in-law.

Beth, my bridesmaid, lives in NYC.  This was her first visit to my new place, so I’m pointing out where my flat is from the courtyard.  I really like this shot (thanks for capturing it, Poptart!).

Presents!  August actually helped unwrap gifts this year.

He LOVED the play kitchen from Nana and Grandpa.  L-O-V-E-D it.

He also loved the cupcakes.  Correction: he loved the icing on the cupcakes.

Aunt Liz gave him a photography lesson.

We practiced saying, “I’m two!” all week.  He did it a lot for me when we were alone.  Only a couple times for an audience.  “August, how old are you?”