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Since I wasn’t able to enjoy Thanksgiving last year, I was very thankful to spend Thanksgiving with family down south.  Lots of great food from Mom, fun stories with Aunt Carla and Dad and snuggles from August.  It was a whirlwind trip, but oh so lovely.

Mama and boy enjoying juice.  One=alcohol.  🙂

I *love* this photo.  Aunt Carla’s face and August’s responding expression=priceless!

I brought a hat that August made at school to add to the festivities.  He refused to wear it at first, but he warmed up to it eventually.

My little boy was sick the whole time we were there…

…but it made him EXTRA snuggly.  Sigh.



We had a great time visiting Grandma and Grandpa in North Carolina.

Playing with MY play kitchen from 1985!  He loved talking on the phone and storing things in the oven.

Having a tantrum.  Here we come terrible two-hood!

August loves taking photos.  This one will be added to his portfolio:

I spent most of my visit staying on top of this guy.  He figured out: how to open doors, how to unlock doors, how to crawl under the stair railing to get around the baby gate and how to unbuckle his carseat.  Whew.

“Boompah Boud” (= Grandpa loud in August language).

August and I found Carolina blue hued cupcakes at Cafe Carolina in Chapel Hill.  Tasty!

The weather was a-mazing in Pittsboro, so we set up the sprinkler.

Good times down south!

My fun high school friend, Emily, (who am I kidding?  We’ve been good friends since fourth grade!!!) lives in Durham with her husband, Mark, in the cutest little house EVER.

Tin roof?  Screened porch?  A-dorable.  There’s an awesome, huge patio with a a new grill to the right of the house.

That’s where they keep their baby chicks.

That’s right.  Chickens.  They have over 30 chickens!  And a fruit orchard.  And vegetable garden.  And BEES!  They went to bee school and everything.  Mark has a dream of having his own stall at the Durham farmers’ market someday.  He’s well on his way in my opinion.  Maybe he’ll be featured in a New York Times article like this one (Emily and Mark know some of the people interviewed in this piece personally.  The cupcake lady?  She’s their neighbor.).  These guys are SUPER funny, and I love going to new Durham restaurants with them when I visit Carolina.

One of August’s favorite books (on a bookshelf in England) is Dear Zoo.  Since it was a beautiful day, I figured it was high time to take him to his first zoo.  We invited my old friend Emily, who’s nannying for two kids near my parents’ house.   The youngest, Mikey, has the EXACT same birthday as August!

Watching sea lions swim by the underwater observation room.

While we were watching the gorilla collect some branches, he dragged them over and plopped down right in front of us.  The kids went bananas.  August nonchalantly nibbled on his cookie.

Always the thief, little August hijacked Mikey’s stroller (after resisting HIS stroller five times!).  

Still in Mikey’s stroller, we visited the lions.  Have you heard August’s “roar.”  One of his other favorite books (on a bookshelf in England) is Rory and the Lion.

The rhinos were nowhere to be found.  Luckily there was a little play area.  In and out.  In and out.

When it was time to go, I did that age-old mom-ism when August didn’t come to me.  “OK August.  I’ll see you later.”  He casually turned around and waved goodbye, “See ya later, Mama!”  This kid kills me.  In a good way.

It was a lovely day at the zoo.  We’ll check out some more in the near future methinks.

One little diversion I’ve adopted whilst in North Carolina is taking pictures of the great road names in the boonies where my parents live.  When I spy a good one, I pull over and snap a photo, so excuse the lackluster quality of these pics.  I’ve got three classics so far, but I’m still on the lookout.  Rosco Lee is my fav.  Rosco is just a great name.  Period.