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This past weekend, my parents watched Augusto while I had an amazing day of shopping, pedicure, food and friends.  Whilst browsing the racks at the mall (only at shops where I have giftcards), I found MANY adorable things.  To help narrow down my choices, I found myself asking, “What would Zooey buy?”

It’s official.  I’m obsessed with Zooey Deschanel.  I love her.  I love her bangs (she inspired me after all!), her quirkiness, her style, her fair complexion (so nice that a young actress isn’t compromising her looks to conform to Hollywood standards like some people), her band, everything!!!  She’s on my list of celebrity friends.  You know…because I have so many celebrities desperate to be my friend.


Elias and Grace has their new collection of spring outfits for little girls, and again, I would walk out the door in any of ’em.

Their little boy outfits are also adorable.

These are my favorite heels.  I make sure I wear them at least a couple times a month (I should’ve added that to my list!).

Inspired by this image from an Etsy seller (Do you know Etsy?  If you don’t, you are soon to be addicted!):

I bought some flower hair clips at H&M for $4 (similar to these at Forever 21):

And now my fav heels are even more perfect:

When my aunts visited, we popped into my all-time favorite shop, Anthropologie.  I love everything about this place: the vintagey, feminine clothes, the intoxicating smell of the store and even their window displays.  Their visual merchandise designer is a genius in my opinion because their window displays are super creative and often use everyday objects in unusual ways.  I’ve collected a few images from past window displays:

The dangling items are books whose pages have been folded to create interesting silhouettes.

The simple paper chain.  But what an impact!

Old Christmas ornaments.

Tinsel.  I love the vacuum.

More ornaments.

These are plastic Ziploc bags filled with a bit of dirt and bulbs.  Apparently, they planted the bulbs and let them bloom in the store window.

The white things cascading from the ceiling are plastic cups and coffee filters.

Dog balloon animals!

I couldn’t find a good picture of their current display (maybe I’ll go take one myself!), but here’s a close-up.  Plastic water bottles that have been cut and painted to look like flowers.

And there are so many more.  How do they come up with this stuff?!!