I’ve been very busy with my Montessori training this past week (two more to go this summer).  Looooooong days.  But it’s interesting work.  I’m definitely a bit nervous about adapting to these methods.  I think August is going to love it though!

{Note: italicized words are Montessori jargon}

I took two videos of the Pink Tower lesson for the youngest students in the Children’s House (what Montessorians call the 3-6 year old classroom).

As you watch, note the following Montessori trademarks:

– very quiet, deliberate presentation
– minimal speaking from the teacher; Montessorians conserve speech to the most basic, necessary words
– the emphasis on touching the materials; experiencing them sensorially
– the placement of the materials on a matMaterials are treated sacredly, so they never touch the ground.  The mat also defines the student’s work space.

Pretty interesting.